Charrissa Keenan

3 October 2019, 11.45am

Introduction of the Māori Oral Health Action Plan


4 October 2019, 3.15pm

Tō Waha – A Collaborative and community-based approach to whānau-centred oral care


Charrissa Keenan has a public health background with a solid foundation of 20 years knowledge and experience working across various levels of the health system from research, policy development, strategy, service design, procurement, implementation and monitoring.   Since 2010, Charrissa has provided strategic advice to the Māori oral health quality improvement group.  With a Masters degree in Public Health (Distinction), and achievements for excellence in Maori health research, Charrissa has led numerous oral health projects, including the development of integrated oral health guidelines in the primary care setting, unmet maternal oral health needs, and review of Māori oral health provider sector.  Charrissa currently works at Hawkes Bay DHB as Programme Manager, Māori Health, responsible for leading equity programmes for Māori.